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Marking Machine
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Rugged, self-contained, benchtop marking
machine. No PC required to operate.

Kwikmark's Dot Peen Marking Machine Makes Permanent Metal Part Marking
and Part ID Easy!

Kwikmark Dot Peen Marking Machine - Dot Peen Marking Machine - Dot Peen Marker

High speed dot peen marking on materials ranging from hardened tool steel metals to delicate plastics, even glass.

Benchtop Machine Features
Machine Tool Quality Construction
No PC Required for Operation
Production Logging (history file)
Compact Flash Card Memory
LCD Display & Touch Pad
Large 6” x 4” Marking Area
Network (LAN) & RS-232 Connectivity
Dot Peen Marking Features
No limit to line count or file size
Serialization (file or global)
Date/Time/Shift Coding
2-D Data Matrix
Dot or Line Fonts
Spare I/O & Logic
Software Suite
The optional Software Suite includes a graphical interface and powerful tools for importing (& editing) CAD type files for marking graphics as well as 2-D data matrix bar code. Dozens of other functions are included. Learn more »

Hand-Held and Portable Dot Peen Markers

Micro Mark -  Portable Hand Held Dot Peen Marker

Micro Mark Hand-Held
Dot Peen Marker

Mini Marker -  Portable Dot Peen Marker

Mini Marker Portable
Dot Peen Marker

No other dot peen marking machine on the market today offers  you greater efficiency, flexibility or ease of use.

High Speed, High Performance
Kwikmark Dot Peen Marking Machines are a cost effective alternative to expensive laser/CNC marking, tedious hand engraving, or chemical etching. The system is rugged, self contained and requires no PC for operation. With speeds up to 20 characters/sec, no other marker comes close.

So Advanced...It's Simple!
You want it simple. Period. You don’t want to read manuals or learn new software. So we added Express Text. Just press F1 and type. The machine will mark the text that you typed from its current position. For ease of use, it's the next step from a hammer/punch or a scribing pen. It really is that simple to operate!

One Machine for Your Part Marking and ID Needs
We decided to put all our development and features into just one machine rather than offering economy and deluxe models. What's more, the software is upgradeable, protecting you from obsolescence.

Dot Peen Marking
Machine Accessories

We also offer a range of Kwikmark Dot Peen Marking Machine accessories for specialized marking applications.

Metal Part Marking Examples
FREE part dot peen marking machine samples are available upon request.

Made in USA - Manufactured in the United States
Made in the USA


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