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Portable Dot Peen Marking Gun for Steel

Compact Dot Peen Marker...Big Features!

The Micro Mark is the most versatile portable dot peen marking machine available today. Ideal for hand held applications as well as on machine integration.

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Small Footprint Large Marking Area

The compact (3" x 5" x 6") head size (5+ lbs) offers a generous 1.0" x 2.5" marking field to suit most industrial marking applications.

Designed For Easy Integration

Lots of additional I/O (with logic) streamlines "handshaking" with other machinery, when required, and allows importing data from external files. Includes all software functions as the entire Kwikmark product line.

Micro Mark Features

Several options are available from stock such as hardened V block feet, reversible auxiliary handles for LH or RH operators, and miscellaneous mounting / clamp designs for standard and custom applications.

Automatic Line Centering

This feature will automatically center the marking image to your part, whether it is single or multiple lines, graphics or both with no measuring or operator input required. Just type the information you wish to mark and the Micro Mark will line it up automatically! This feature may be enabled in the X, Y or both axes.

Your operators will appreciate this feature especially when marking round parts such as shafts, pipes, etc.

Round Part Marking and Product ID

High Speed Product ID Marking on Any Type of Part - Even Pipes, Shafts, and Round Parts.

Hand Held Dot Peen Marking on Pipe

Machine Tool Quality

The system is designed & manufactured with:

  • Pre-loaded drive system & ball slides
  • Brushless hi-torque motors
  • Non contact limit sensors
  • Precision machined aircraft quality aluminum
  • Industrial plated connectors
  • Latest embedded control technology

A Better Design

  • Elastomer (& replaceable) end caps protect sides and all edges
  • Motors & homing sensors are statically mounted (no cables to flex & break)
  • Standard D-Sub 25 pin connector cable (non-proprietary)
  • Quad sided mounting hole pattern for mounting flexibility
  • Precise X-Y rectangular motions (non pivoting)
  • Detachable solid state control box
  • Capable of marking up to: 62Rc hard steels

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design

We listened. We designed the handle with the “just right contours” and machined it from solid light weight aluminum.

The handle is also part of an assembly that incorporates a quick release mount as well as a central micro-adjustment mechanism used to fine tune the distance from the tip to the marking surface.

Then we designed a unique mechanically actuated trigger that requires no wires or connections to the marking head.

The Operator’s Choice for Fast Product ID

Just squeeze the trigger or touch the button. Your operators will appreciate the ergonomics and ease of use with the marker’s stability.

The Micro Mark’s light weight centered and balanced handle suits both left & right handed operators.

Just Squeeze the Trigger

Dot Peen Marking Samples

Micro Mark Portable Dot Peen Marker Examples

Loaded with Pre-Programmed Functions

Edit Data Matrix

It Can't Be Any Simpler

Dozens of setup screens, such as this 2-D matrix are pre-programmed functions allowing the user to "fill in the blanks". It really is that simple.

Rotate Text - Add Logos and Graphics

Combine Line Styles & Types

Mix and combine lines with logos, serial numbers, and date, time & shift code functions in an unlimited combination of line types and styles font heights etc.

Import data from external files. Dozens of pre-programmed functions are included.

Pre-Drawn Images and Shapes

Pre-Drawn Images

Basic images of arrows, circles, boxes, etc are provided and can be:

  • Stretched
  • Rotated
  • Moved
  • Scaled
  • Modified

Fonts for all types of marking

Font Types for All Marking

A selection of fonts is included to satisfy any marking requirement. Stick, 5x7 dot, 6x9 dot, radius, etc.

Graphics Saved and Job Logging

Production Logging & Security Protection

Traceability information is stored after (& during) each cycle. This includes the time/date serial number values. The History file may be accessed from the Windows Suite and then printed, copied into a report or saved. Security (password protected) may be setup to any level.

Job Security Features

Micro Mark is Easy to Learn and Use

Now with Ethernet Connectivity
Ethernet and Network Connectivity

Latest Embedded Control Technology

bar code scannerThe controller features a dual memory processor and CF memory card capable of storing hundreds of jobs. The system also includes CNC type instructions and complete file management. A detachable keyboard is included for job setups. RS-232, Ethernet (LAN) connectivity along with dual USB ports for bar code scanners, aux devices, etc.

Export to Printer
Print To External Label Printers & Mark Data From External Files

Mode of Operation Control

Traditional (Saved) Dot Peen Marking Jobs:

Setup job on the controller. User will be prompted step by step, for a name, marking info, etc, and the job will be saved to internal CF memory card.

Rapid "Express Text" Dot Peen Marking:

Just press F1 and type. When the trigger is pressed, the marker marks what you typed! Simple. It’s the next step from a hammer/ punch or scribing pen. Because sometimes there’s no reason to save the job.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

US FlagAll systems (and software) are designed & manufactured in our clean, state of the art facility in Crystal Lake, Illinois on modern CNC equipment to the industry’s most stringent quality control.

Over 25,000 sq ft is dedicated to research / development & high tech assembly. The controls and mechanics feature time proven designs with thousands of systems in the field.


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